Karel Käos

Anton Vedeshin

We were looking to rent out a property and were struggling to find suitable candidates for over a month. However, after contacting Danek, he swiftly arranged for a professional photographer to take photos of the property and marketed it effectively, resulting in a number of interested candidates.

We were incredibly impressed by your professionalism, attention to detail, and quick turnaround.

We would like to thank you for your exceptional work and for going above and beyond to ensure that the property was rented out as quickly as possible.

We would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a reliable and effective real estate agent. In fact, we have already recommended you to a number of our friends and family members who are looking to rent out properties.

Once again, thank you for your excellent work and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Merilyn Westholm

I would also like to thank you for your excellent cooperation. Having had little contact with real estate agents, I do not have much experience to compare your work in the bigger picture. However, I have a lot of experience in other service sectors and I can tell you that I have no negative feedback for you. Estonians are always trying to be better than their neighbours and find faults here and there, but you know, I’m not even going to look. You are a very professional communicator and know your job very well to make the customer feel comfortable and safe. And, knowing a professional, I know that the issue of bottlenecks is essential for progress. I’m afraid I’m failing you on this one. Nothing to add 🙂 Rather, I think you are a role model for many. Just as the saying goes, he who makes it gets it (wow, Limoncello production, wine bar, real estate, etc.) Sorry my FB review is more modest. On social media, I’m rather more reserved. I put it down to old age 😄 Anyway, once again, thank you! I would definitely recommend you to my friends/acquaintances.

Kristofer Mäger

I had a fantastic experience working with Danek, an exceptional real estate agent who successfully found a tenant for my apartment. With his expertise and market knowledge, he effectively marketed the property, conducted thorough screenings, and ensured a smooth process. Danek’s excellent communication and attention to detail made the whole experience stress-free. I highly recommend his services for anyone looking for a reliable and results-oriented real estate agent.

William Rogers

When looking for an apartment in Tallinn, I reached out to many agents and owners. Most were slow to reply, or simply didn’t reply at all. This was not the case with Danek. He responded almost immediately, on the same day that I inquired. He made the rental process very easy, and was helpful and informative whenever I had a question or concern. I believe Danek provided the highest level of service, and I would not hesitate to work with him again in the future. Excellent experience.

Diffany Botha

Danek was very proactive and helpful in our search for a place to stay. As foreigners we found that his help was great as he was able to act as a bridge between ourselves and our Estonian landlord – translating and communicating everyones needs and requirements between all of us. Danek always showed up early and spent the extra time ironing things out. Currently he still helps us with communications even though we have completed the lease signing and our business is concluded. Would definitely recommend him.

Kevin Janson

A responsible and available real estate broker. Danek took care of the whole process from start to finish. Took nice pictures, organized the apartment demonstrationts and within a week I already had a tenant inside. Danek will also do all the background checks beforehand to make sure that you, as a property owner, don’t have to worry about the apartment.

Nic C Aguilera

Danek was very supportive and flexible. He showed the right options that suited my needs and also commitment and live support in case other tenants were also interested.

I would recommend him 100%!

5 star broker.

Maribet Köster

A very open person who helped us in our search for a new home. What made the cooperation especially pleasant and easy was the fact that Danek was able to answer questions and concerns very quickly.

Tõnis Vaiksaar

Good communicator and helpful. The cooperation with both tenant and landlord was very good. Attentive and thorough in his work and you can see that he wants to do his job well!

Dagmar Orula

Danek is thorough in his work. For a first-time client, it is easy to see why one or other property is better.

Ella Timonen

I had a fantastic experience with Danek, everything was handled quickly and professionally. He truly cares about his customers and it’s very easy to reach out to him with any questions you might have. I would highly recommend!

Taru Susanna Aalto

Danek is very easy to contact. He takes actions and ownership of his work. He is working in the right field and knows what the customer wants.
Huge recommendation!

Nelet Saaver

The cooperation was excellent! The real estate agent is always available and all my questions were quickly answered. We liked that he poked us when we were late with things 😊 The apartment went on rent much faster than expected. We recommend!

Where do I transfer your €300?

If your tip for a 2-3 room apartment in the centre of Tallinn leads to a deal, I will personally pay you €300. Leave your email below and I’ll contact you.

PS! If I don’t reply within 24 hours, I’ll double the amount to €600.