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Property buying assistance service

Since our company manages more than 100 investors’ apartments, I have also cooperated a lot with various buying clients/investors, and buying real estate for the company is part of the services I offer.

I can help you find your dream home as well as an investment property with good returns and growth potential. Either way, it is most likely one of the most important decisions in your life, and in order to avoid costly mistakes, it is always worth consulting with a real estate agent who has experience and contacts.

The biggest mistakes are made precisely because of the wrong understanding of the market and the lack of necessary contacts. I am at your service from the first step to the last.

Why should you use a broker when buying real estate?

Our company is first and foremost a full-service boutique real estate agency directed from investors to investors, whose main field is buying real estate for companies. The main focus is generating the best possible rental yield for investor clients and finding new suitable investment properties. We know and understand the market very well, which gives us a good basis for dealing with sellers and putting together the best possible deal.

In addition to public offers, more and more objects and offers that cannot yet be found on public channels reach our table. Therefore, if one of these offers matches your criteria, I can offer better objects that the searchers on the portals will never see on their own.

At this point, it is not just about finding buyers for the objects, but also calculating the rental yield. To date, we already manage more than 100 rental apartments in Tallinn, we know the rental market inside out, and we can be sure that the calculations and profitability calculations made are adequate and realistic.

I hope we can lay the foundation for pleasant cooperation and I can help you find the best investment properties or a new home!

The process of buying real estate

1. Getting to know each other

The best way to start is a face-to-face meeting and getting to know each other so that I can map out your wishes and possibilities as precisely as possible. It also gives a better idea of me as a broker and a person.

After the meeting, I have all the necessary information to start work, and then the whole process looks like this:

2. Market analysis and mapping

Mapping the entire market (real estate portals, websites of new developments, bailiffs’ auctions, communication with colleagues in the real estate brokers’ cooperation forum, etc.).

All in order to find the shopping objects that best meet your requirements and budget.

3. We select objects

I look for suitable objects that meet the criteria and budget. But you decide which objects are worth reviewing and let me know.

4. We arrange viewings

I will contact the sellers and arrange suitable times for viewing. Before viewing, I in turn do additional background research on the object and use public and non-public channels for this. I check whether the documents of the property for sale are in order and correspond to the information in the registers. Then we will go over the selected purchase objects together.

5. We analyze the viewed objects

I will summarize and share my recommendations. In addition, a risk analysis and an analysis of the location’s growth potential can also be performed. If necessary, I will also organize a professional construction inspection to avoid surprises in the future.

6. Negotiations with the seller

If there is a desire to buy one of the viewed objects, I will agree on the details of the transaction and consult about the price. By giving reasonable reasons and not being emotionally attached to the object, experience has shown that it is possible to get better conditions. In the best case, 5-10%.

7. Negotiations with banks

If necessary, I will help you find the best financing solution. I am helpful in communicating with banks.

8. I help with regular chores

I organize the purchase-sale transaction in cooperation with the seller (I send the necessary information, if necessary book a notary’s appointment, communicate with the notary and make sure that everything is legally correct, etc.). After the notary, I will help to formalize the deed of handover-acceptance of the object at the agreed time.

9. If necessary, I will help find a tenant

If possession of the object has been handed over, I will help with finding a tenant if necessary.

10. Passive income sounds good?

If there is a desire to make the investment passive, I will also arrange all the necessary steps for signing a rental management agreement and for further cooperation (contract signing, settlement, etc.).

11. Let's celebrate!


Just as the seller pays his broker (if he uses a brokerage service) a commission for the sales work, the buyer also pays a fee for the purchase service. One party is responsible for all matters related to the sales process, the other party is responsible for the nuances and activities related to the purchase.

Since you pay me, I do not share his commission with the other party’s broker. This way we can be sure that we are always on the same page as other buyers without brokers. That way, you can be sure that I will be based on your interests throughout the process.

Each project is of a different level and I dare to promote myself as a very personal broker. Similarly, the fee is according to the content of the service and the amount of time. Normally, it works the same way on a percentage basis. Until now, the negotiated amount for the client has always been higher than my fee. I intend to continue in such manner as well. Read more about calculating the broker’s fee here.

Questions and answers related to the purchase of real estate

Buying real estate allows you to acquire real property that has real value. Real estate is often a long-term investment that can grow in value over time.

Owning a home– When you buy a home, you can create a stable living environment and home for yourself. This gives you confidence and allows you to customize the home according to your needs and desires.

Investment growth potential– Property value can increase over time. Good location, development potential, area growth and improvements can increase property value.

Rental income – When you buy an investment property, you can earn rental income when tenants use the property. It can provide a stable income and help pay the costs of owning and maintaining the property.

Although buying real estate can offer many advantages, you should carefully consider your financial situation, goals and needs before making a decision. It is also important to do thorough research and engage with professional advisors to ensure that the transaction meets your expectations and goals.

Finding the right property can be a challenge, but by following some important steps and considerations, you can increase your chances of finding just the right property for you. Here are some steps you can follow to find the right property: determine your needs and goals, set a budget, choose an area, do thorough research, communicate with brokers and apartment owners. You should be patient when looking for a real estate object. It is important to remember that every property search is unique and your individual needs and goals will determine which property is best for you. Be prepared to invest time and effort in finding a property that meets your requirements and budget.

If the seller breaches the contract for the sale of real estate, the buyer has a number of rights depending on the specific breach and local legislation. The buyer can claim legal protection and possible compensation. Here are some possible steps a buyer can take if the seller is in breach of contract: demand compliance with the terms of the contract, demand compensation, cancel the contract, claim damages, legal action, clarify the terms of the contract.

Banks’ requirements for the borrower may vary depending on the type of loan, the size of the loan amount, the loan period and other factors. However, there are some general requirements that banks usually expect from loan applicants. These requirements may include: income, work and employment history, other debt, collateral, savings, other documentation, age of the loan applicant.
These are some of the main requirements that banks usually expect from loan applicants.

Before applying for a loan, it is recommended to contact the bank or lender to get accurate information about the requirements and conditions and to make an informed decision according to your financial situation and needs.

The valuation of furniture and accessories in the purchase price depends on many factors, including the condition, age, brand, rarity and market price of the furniture. Sometimes it may be necessary to consult with a furniture appraisal specialist, especially when dealing with rare or expensive furniture and accessories. The appraiser can use his knowledge and experience in assessing the value of furniture. Buyers and sellers are advised to research similar products and evaluate their condition, brand, age and market price to get a better idea of the value of furniture and accessories. It is also important to remember that the value of furniture and accessories can change over time, so it is important to consider market conditions and demand.

Using a real estate agent when buying real estate can be beneficial for several reasons:

Professional advice: Estate agents are experienced professionals who know the real estate market and local areas. They have knowledge of various real estate transactions and can advise you and help you make informed decisions. Better access to the market: Brokers often have access to multiple real estate listings, including those that may not be available to the public. This means they can guide you through a wider range of properties.

Time savings: Searching for real estate can be a time-consuming process. Brokers can save you time by selecting offers that suit your needs and arranging viewings.

Negotiation skills: Real estate agents have negotiation skills and experience in negotiating prices and terms of the transaction, which can save you money and ensure that your interests are protected.

Sources of Information: Realtors can provide you with important information about local market conditions, pricing and neighborhood properties that may influence your decision.

Legal Advice: Brokers can guide you through the legal aspects of a real estate transaction and connect you with legal counsel if needed.

Security: Real estate agents help ensure that the transaction goes smoothly and according to the law, and that your interests are protected.

Availability of local information: Brokers often have access to local data and information that may be valuable to you, such as schools, transportation, security, and other local services.

Better chance of finding the right property: Real estate agents can help you find a property that meets your specific needs and preferences.

All in all, using a real estate agent can save you time and effort by helping you find the right property, negotiating, and making sure the transaction goes smoothly and legally. If you are considering buying a property, it may be wise to consider using the services of a real estate agent, especially if you are not well versed in the real estate market or if you want to simplify the property search process.

Anton Vedeshin
Anton Vedeshin
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We were looking to rent out a property and were struggling to find suitable candidates for over a month. However, after contacting Danek, he swiftly arranged for a professional photographer to take photos of the property and marketed it effectively, resulting in a number of interested candidates. We were incredibly impressed by your professionalism, attention to detail, and quick turnaround. We would like to thank you for your exceptional work and for going above and beyond to ensure that the property was rented out as quickly as possible. We would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a reliable and effective real estate agent. In fact, we have already recommended you to a number of our friends and family members who are looking to rent out properties. Once again, thank you for your excellent work and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
William Rogers
William Rogers
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When looking for an apartment in Tallinn, I reached out to many agents and owners. Most were slow to reply, or simply didn't reply at all. This was not the case with Danek. He responded almost immediately, on the same day that I inquired. He made the rental process very easy, and was helpful and informative whenever I had a question or concern. I believe Danek provided the highest level of service, and I would not hesitate to work with him again in the future. Excellent experience.
Tiffany Botha
Tiffany Botha
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Danek was very proactive and helpful in our search for a place to stay. As foreigners we found that his help was great as he was able to act as a bridge between ourselves and our Estonian landlord - translating and communicating everyones needs and requirements between all of us. Danek always showed up early and spent the extra time ironing things out. Currently he still helps us with communications even though we have completed the lease signing and our business is concluded. Would definitely recommend him.
Kristofer Mäger
Kristofer Mäger
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I had a fantastic experience working with Danek, an exceptional real estate agent who successfully found a tenant for my apartment. With his expertise and market knowledge, he effectively marketed the property, conducted thorough screenings, and ensured a smooth process. Danek's excellent communication and attention to detail made the whole experience stress-free. I highly recommend his services for anyone looking for a reliable and results-oriented real estate agent.

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