About me

Let's get to know each other. I'm Danek!

"I've found my calling and I'm ambitious to help more and more people fulfil their dreams every month. Whether it's their first investment property or their very own home."

Win-Win-Win best describes my attitude and nature. A sincere desire to make other people’s lives easier helps me to build a good rapport with my clients and to secure future working relationships. Time=money. If I manage to save your time during our collaboration, it will be the greatest acknowledgement of my contribution!

The seed of the “win-win mentality” was planted in my soil through years of travel and living abroad. The colourful new experiences and the special interaction with many nations/people are my TOP1 favourite activities. The choice in favour of the present career path was obviously influenced by the latter.

Climbing the career ladder started when I was a minor. The first step was a restaurant job. In no time at all, I became in charge of the kitchen in a small outdoor restaurant. Early on, I learned stress tolerance and time management at a decent school. My next steps took me to the beach clubs of Mallorca and Marbella, which gave me a great insight into the backstage of the entertainment sector. The 1% of the world’s richest people visit these places – places where there is a significant emphasis on proper marketing/branding. The mentality has stayed with me since.

Next step. My friend and I opened TORO Winebar in Tallinn Old Town. Owning your own space has been the basis for many valuable and long-lasting relationships. The wine bar is now almost 90% run on loyalty of our customers who feel themselves playing an important role of the energy and the circle. We have been able to create an atmosphere of unity through genuine care and involvement.

The current steps have been a steady progression through a challenging real estate world. I promise to be more proactive than any other broker, or you yourself, in renting out your 2-3 bedroom apartment.

Long-time repeat clients have given me the well-deserved title of “personal broker”. A title of which I am probably the proudest in my life. Amplua has also attracted a number of buyers and investors, although I still mainly deal with long-term rental projects.

The tenant finding service for you is free of charge and, in addition to that, I will also take care of all the costs during the process.

How can I help you?

Real estate rental

In my work, apartments are rented out every 3 days. What does it mean? Active time investment in the process. Other brokers and clients often cannot do this themselves. A fine-tuned process helps me filter out tenants with the right background. However, the final decision is yours.

Selling the property

Have you thought about selling your property? But the journey to get there seems stressful and time-consuming? I’m here for you, from start to finish. From the moment the pictures are made to the moment the apartment is handed over. “Stress-free and easy” could be the new definition of selling real estate. How do you feel about all of this?

Buying property

Whether you’re looking to buy a property with a high return potential or want to find your dream home, I’m here to help. It is one of the most important decisions of your life. Don’t make the wrong steps and enjoy the journey with a knowledgeable broker.

Where do I transfer your €300?

If your tip leads to a deal, I will personally pay you €300 in cash.