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Kinnisvarajutud / Real estate stories

14-hour working days and lots of exciting new experiences in the world of real estate. Is it easy to be a successful broker? Listen to find out what my life as a broker looks like, what obstacles I’ve had to overcome, and what personality traits support me on my journey.

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Jaan Kruusmaa's podcast

Can you rely on motivation to succeed and what do I think about motivation? How did I become a wine bar owner overnight? Listen when you feel you need a boost and inspiration to move forward. There’s something for everyone in this section, no matter what sector you’re in.

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Recognitions from real estate portals

Kinnisvara24 broker of the year

Very surprising news came to me when I found out that Kinnisvara24 selected me out of 3000 participants and awarded me the title Broker of the Year 2023.

KV.EE Top Broker 2023

Another surprise was, which awarded me the title of Top Broker 2023. It’s good to see real estate portals recognising brokers for a job well done.

1Estate TOP3 broker 8 months in a row

Every month, 1Estate selects the TOP 3 brokers who have rented or sold the most properties that month. I stayed on top for 8 months in a row.

Where do I transfer your €300?

If your tip leads to a deal, I will personally pay you €300 in cash.